394 CHANG LE ROAD, behind a rusted metal wall lies 3 years of growth and exploration driven by our passion.

starting from 1st may, we begin the final 12 days count-down for our CHANG LE ROAD location. it has been an incredible journey, and a bittersweet moment as we will soon have to say goodbye to what has been home to not just our team, but also a familiar sight to everyone of our valued clients and friends.

during this period, we would like to extend our thanks to everyone who has shown their support since the beginning. for us, and many others, eth0s is not just represented by the designers and clothing we collaborate with, as even the shell which holds it all together, the interior display and furniture are all meticulously crafted by artists of their field, combining traditional techniques and materials with modern ideas and innovation. therefore, on top of in-store discounts (with exclusions), we are also honored to extend everyone a chance to own a piece of the eth0s story (in-store only due to logistics limitations for bulk/fragile items). 

lastly, co-founder FALCON CHEN has some personal words: (translated)