eth0s SPACE

after 2.5 years at our previous CHANGLE ROAD location, in june 2015, we found a new home similarly in the former french concession of shanghai.

the result of months of location scouting, what was initially an actual underground bomb shelter (and in fact still is), then a wine cellar, is transformed into what is now the new eth0s, after half a year of construction and design planning in partnership with ALEXANDER MOH from SURV shanghai.

concept of the space was to retain all basic elements of the original bomb shelter, with all previous artificial walls, paint and furnishings removed. moveable racks split the area into individual unique corridors, allowing for full flexibility, that can be instantly reverted back into a large open space. recycled wood is used (collected from demolished buildings in the former french concession of shanghai) on the entire 1000sqm basement floor.

within the space, we continue to collaborate with taiwanese furniture design company NINGJU - 凝具, specializing in combining antique chinese influences with contemporary innovation, often bringing together the best of both in terms of material and design. a partnership that started 3 years ago, bringing design, landscaping, furniture, clothing and craftsmanship together, has now expanded to create a one-of-a-kind destination in shanghai.


all images by MATTEO CARCELLI


entrance / gallery




front desk / common area


display spaces


changing rooms


geoffrey b. small / VIP room