earlier this year, in conjunction with the new arrivals of GEOFFREY B. SMALL, we held a week-long exhibition in our store.

the main inspiration behind this exhibition was to try replicate the experience of Geoffrey's showroom in Paris as closely as possible to our clients. every trip to Geoffrey's showroom is an all-round experience. the quality of hand-crafted clothing speaks for itself, but the main idea we wanted to channel to our clients is the level of knowledge and attention we give to everyone in explaining and sharing every piece of garment and all its little details in fabric, treatment, construction and design.

another key point of this exhibition was that we had also captured some moments during the showroom appointment which we displayed, giving our clients a behind-the-scenes view of what goes on within the showroom and the buying process.

the moment we walked into his showroom in january, first thing he tells us is "I'm afraid you will have to do quite a bit of work today.", we later learnt that what he meant was having us try on every piece in the showroom, as looking at pieces hanging on lifeless hangers do not even begin to tell half the story and experience of these clothes.

after trying them on, he would go on to explain all the details of this particular piece on you.

needless to say, its a day-long affair.

in order to achieve this private setting and level of closeness with our clients, limited number of invitations were sent out for the opening of this exhibition which included the exhibition, an on-site tailor for alterations advice (all GEOFFREY B. SMALL items are alterable, additionally, all seams have about 1-2cm of extra fabric in the event that a particular area needs widening), and an afternoon tea reception.

some pictures..